This post from Oatmeal Writing contrasts slow, deliberate readers with “speed readers.” But not every fast reader “speed reads” — in the sense of skimming, or skipping paragraphs, or the like.

I’m a fast reader, for instance: I read 30 books last year, including such monstrosities as Robert Caro’s The Passage of Power, and the number is artificially low because I took three months off book-reading to catch up on my backlog of New Yorker issues. But I remember each of the books pretty clearly, and I certainly took my time enjoying them. (Well, some of them I didn’t enjoy, but you get the point.)

For me, the pace of my reading is actually part and parcel of my enjoyment. When I like a book, I tend to gulp it down faster and faster, in big chunks of time. Feeling the plot and the language wash through me in a torrent is exhilarating — gluttony without any risk of over-satiation. It’s a different kind of indulgence from wallowing in a good book. But it’s still a pleasure.


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  1. I guess we have our own ways to enjoy reading. I just don’t get people who claims to have read 90+ books in a year. it’s just too much! Well, for me that is.
    Anyway, thanks for reblogging my entry! 🙂

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